Typical cases :Floor slab scanning and undergroung pipe and wire detection

In a popular shopping center, a contractor must saw the concrete slab and excavate to make trenches to install floor drains, toilets, sinks, etc.


  1. Power lines, high and low voltage,and telecommunication lines are present in both concrete and soil.
  2. The exact position of the sewer pipe is not known with certainty.

The contractor therefor called for our services.

Our solution:

The sewer pipe was located precisely with a pipe inspection camera and an underground utility locator The location and depth of the sewer pipe were marked on the slab.

Once the position of the sewer pipe was known, the contractor was able to plan and mark the trenches according to the plumbing plans and position of the sewer pipe to which the floor drains, sinks and toilets will be connected.

The floor slab was scanned with a high resolution ground penetrating radar, the detected power lines buried in the concrete and ground, which were in close proximity to the new trenches, were marked on the ground.

Power lines which could not be avoided had been identified, and in some cases, replaced even before sawing the slab. This avoided power outages too ther stores in the shopping center.