Ground fault locating

Breakdowns of buried electrical cables, caused by drilling or excavation work, are easy to locate and can mostly be avoided by making a locate request to info-excavation or entrusting a mandate of detection to a specialized firm like ours, GEORADAR-Detection Inc.

On the other hand, buried cable breaks caused by natural phenomena such as differential ground motions due to freeze-thaw cycles cannot be detected with a simple observation of the sites, and, most of the time, these breaks cannot be detected nor be localized with a standard locator.

Our expertise and specialized instruments allow us to quickly and accurately locate buried cable breaks or ground faults.

No need to completely replace a buried cable.
Ground fault locating
Ground fault locating
  • Fast service, even for distant deployments
  • Day and night service
  • Professional work
  • Use of several technologies
  • On site marking
  • Real time results
  • Standard written report free of charge
  • Custom report on request

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