Why GDI Georadar Detection?


While respecting health and safety standards, our teams can be dispatched on the same day of your concrete scan request, or the next day for remote deployments.

GDi Georadar Detection has many years of experience in the field of concrete scanning with ground penetrating radar and locating underground utilities, tanks and other elements buried in concrete or soil. Our company strives without compromise, for the highest standards.

Unlike other detection companies that rely on only one technology,

At GÉORADAR-Détection inc., we integrate many technologies and instruments into the execution of our scanning and detection contracts.

The locates can therefore be validated with more than one technology, and within the same visit, our certified technicians can take care of all your locating needs: concrete scanning, locating drainage pipes, inspection of pipes, etc.

  • Fast response, all over Québec and Eastern Ontario

    When service calls is received before noon, a radar technician can be dispatched the day after or on the same day.

  • Training and experience

    Every radar technician of our team receives extensive theoretical and practical training coached by a technician with more than 30 years of field experience. Several months internships complete this training.

  • Multi-disciplinary technicians

    During the same visit, our certified radar technicians can take care of all your locating needs: concrete slab scanning, underground utilies locates and mappind, land survey, drainage pipe locating, pipeline inspection, etc.

    You save time and money.

  • Reliability

    Multi-technology integration makes our locates and detection the most reliable in the industry.

  • Same day written report

    All of our interventions are documented in an easy to read report sent by email on the same day.