Floor slab scanning

Detection in concrete slabs on the ground with metal fiber reinforcement or without metal fiber (using mesh or rebar).

Sawing or breaking concrete floor slabs can be hazardous to workers and add enormous additional costs when we do not know what is beneath the surface of the concrete.

Whether you have a meter or hundreds of linear meters of trenches to cut, we have the resources to help you.

In or near the concrete slab, we can detect embedded conduits and, for example, locate and inspect old drainage pipes so new plumbing can be connected.

Our ground-penetrating radars, pipe inspection camera, power cable detectors, and other detection instruments allow us to locate:

  • Metal and plastic conduits
  • Radiant heating pipes and wires
  • Underground drainage pipes
  • Rebar and wire mesh
  • Areas damaged by salt
  • Thickness of concrete
  • Void sunder the slab
  • Any other objects buried within or beneath the concrete

Our equipment also allows the inspection of drainage pipes up to 4 meters beneath the concrete slabs.

The conduits are marked on the surface of the concrete slab and, if necessary, the detected elements can be mapped in a plan.

In order to optimize the accuracy and quality of the results, our highly skilled technicians use high-frequency ground-penetrating radars and other instruments from several re reputable manufacturers.

Concrete slab on grade 2
Concrete slab on grade 3
  • Fast service, even for distant deployments
  • Day and night service
  • Professional work
  • Use of several technologies
  • On site marking
  • Real time results
  • Standard written report free of charge
  • Custom report on request

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