Underground utility locates

Underground pipes, utilities and reservoirs locating

Locating underground utilities has become increasingly complex. In addition to metallic underground conduits and cables, a new generation of non-metallic utilities, such as fiber-optic cables and PVC pipes, has made locating utilities more difficult.

GDi GEORADAR-Detection Inc. goes beyond the use of conventional electromagnetic locators and involves a wider range of locating instruments.

We can therefore locate many underground utilities that would not be located by other locating firms that only use conventional electromagnetic instruments. By integrating ground-penetrating radars and other instruments, GEORADAR-Detection Inc. can locate known metal cables and conduits but also unknown underground utilities made of PVC, HDPE, concrete, or any other non-conductive materials.

Examples of underground elements that can be located:

  • Electrical conduits and duct banks
  • Telecommunication and fiber optic cables
  • Underground cable break and ground fault
  • Water pipes made of copper, steel, cast iron, steel-concrete, etc.
  • Non-metallic water pipes made of PVC, HDPE, etc.
  • Gas lines
  • Metallic or non-metallic sewers.
  • Metal or non-metallic tanks, barrels or debris
  • Underground cavities
  • Purification fields and septic tanks

While respecting health and safety standards, GEORADAR-Detection Inc. dispatches teams quickly, even for long remote deployments. Multi-technology integration allows us, within a single visit to the job site, to scan concrete as well as locate underground electrical cables, underground pipes and buried tanks. Before finalizing trench planning, drainage pipes can also be inspected and located with our pipe inspection cameras. Thermography can also be used to locate radiant heating tubes.

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Underground utility locates
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Underground utility locates
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Underground utility locates
Underground utility locates
Underground utility locates
  • Fast service, even for distant deployments
  • Day and night service
  • Professional work
  • Use of several technologies
  • On site marking
  • Real time results
  • Standard written report free of charge
  • GPS survey and CAD drawing service available

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