Our Instruments

State-of-the-art instruments

Here at GEORADAR-Detection Inc. we believe that experience and the use of advanced technology in the right places with the right methods is the best guarantee of success in our commitments to reliability, efficiency and productivity.

Here is an overview of the technologies which are mastered by our team of technicians on the field.

  • Ground penetrating radar (high resolution)

    The use of this equipment is recommended for concrete scanning before drilling or cutting, concrete structure scanning for spacing, diameter and cover estimation and corrosion mapping.

    Ground penetrating radar (high resolution)
  • Ground penetrating radar (low frequency)

    The low frequency ground penetrating radar is used to locate metal and non-metal underground utilities, buried tanks and other metal are non-metal buried objects.

    Ground penetrating radar (low frequency)
  • Underground utility locator

    As its name indicates, this equipment is used to locate underground metal pipes, power cables. It’s also recommended for the localization of non-metallic conduits and PVC pipes with tracer wires.

    Underground utility locator
  • Pipe camera

    The pipe camera is used to inspect and locate subterranean metal and non-metal pipes. It’s particularly used during plumbing conduits inspection.

    Pipe camera
  • Infrared thermal camera

    The infrared thermal camera is used to locate embedded radiant heating tubes, heating pipes in walls and locate leaks or any thermal anomalies.

    Infrared thermal camera
  • Acoustic correlator

    The acoustic correlator is used for water leak detection in pressurised water pipes, fire protection networks and water heating networks.

    Acoustic correlator