Typical cases :Floor slab scanning to locate beam under the slabs

Jobsite conditions:
This example involves the complete renovation of a 50 to 60-year-old building where the slabs are supported by beams and concrete joists spaced 36 "apart. c / c
Only the structure of this building is preserved.
240 new bathrooms are to be installed on the three floors of this building.

Due to the large number of joists, the contractor must, for almost every bathroom, undo and rebuild the partitions since the holes of the toilets and sinks were above concrete joists.

Our solution:
Faced with the huge costs of building divisions, demolishing, and rebuilding, the contractor called for our services.
By using a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) the beams were located, and were therefore all marked on the slabs.
Knowing the position of each beam, the contractor and architect were then able to agree on the final positions of the partitions, taking into account the beams beneath the slab.
The costs for drilling, demolition and reconstruction were therefore eliminated.