Typical cases :Detection of unknown underground utilities

A choice needs to be made:

Requested by the contractor, the owner must call a specialized firm to locate the underground utilities on the site. To locate these underground utilities, the owner is therefor left to choose between two specialized firms:

  • A detection firm that locates conduits by only using electromagnetic detection. -moderate cost

  • Our firm proposes a professional, methodical and in-depth investigation taking advantage not only of our experience and our know-how, but also many techniques and locating instruments such as passive and active electromagnetic locator,high frequency, medium frequency and low frequency ground-penetrating radars,And an acoustic detection instrument - a slightly higher cost.

The owner called for our services, and a comparison is shown of some areas of the site comparing the underground utilities we found and those that a detection firm using only electromagnetic detection would have found. 

What an electromagnetic detection firm would have detected

If you had to excavate on this site, which of the 2 detection firms would have been the most expensive?

1 PHOTO: What an electromagnetic detection firm would have detected
2 PHOTO: What we located and marked on site