Leak detection

We can locate leaks in any type of underground water pressurised pipes:

  • water mains
  • fire protection networks
  • domestic water pipes
  • residential water inlet
  • commercial or industrial water inlet
  • Water heating system

Detecting water leaks by acoustic correlation

The correlator compares the noise of a leak at two different points of the water line. In a conduit, the noise produced by a leak travels at a constant speed in both directions.

To locate a leak, a first sensor is installed on the pipe, a valve or a fire hydrant. Then, a second sensor is installed further on the network. If a leak is detected, its position will be calculated by the central processing unit according to the parameters of the pipe. Our technicians can validate the position of the leak using an instrument similar to a stethoscope.

Leak detection 2
Leak detection 3
Leak detection 4
Leak detection 5
  • Fast service, even for distant deployments
  • Day and night service
  • Professional work
  • Professional work
  • Underground pipe locating
  • Search with a Leak Detector
  • Leak search with acoustic correlators
  • Written report
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