Typical cases :Concrete scanning - concrete structure assesment

Before drilling holes in a structure, our services are often retained by contractors to locate elements buried in the concrete.

But for the estimation of bearing capacities or fire resistance, informations needed by engineers and architects is different.

For reinforced concrete structures assessment mandates, here are the informations that can be obtained by scanning a structure with our non-destructive methods:

• Rebar spacing

• Number of rebar

•  pre-tensioning and / or post-tensioning elements

• cover

• Estimate diameters at +/- nominal diameter

• Estimation of the compressive strength of concrete


Presentation of the results

Depending on customer needs, budget, scope and complexity of the mandates, the inspection report is adapted according to customer requirements.

We can produce a simple and economical summary report which could contain photos and / or sketches.

A detailed report with tables, sketches or scale drawings can also be produced at the request of the client.