Typical cases :Scanning a concrete floor slab with metal fibers

Using a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to scan a reinforced concrete slab with metal fibers is inefficient, as it typically results in a cloud of interference on the GPR screen, making it impossible to draw useful conclusions.

However, other instruments can be used to detect certain electrical and telecommunication cables, as well as to locate and map most conduits and cables buried within or beneath a concrete slab reinforced with metal fibers. Among the elements that can be located are:

  • Metal and plastic conduits
  • Radiant heating tubes and wires
  • Drainage conduits in the ground

Our equipment also allows for the inspection of drainage conduits buried beneath concrete slabs on the ground surface. Detected conduits are marked on the concrete slab surface, and if necessary, the located elements can be mapped and included in a plan.

To ensure accuracy and quality of results, our highly skilled technicians use advanced instruments from reputable manufacturers.