Environment and geotechnical

We know how to meet the specific needs of environmental and geotechnical laboratories and consultants

GDi GÉORADAR-DÉTECTION has been working in partnership with specialized geotechnical and environmental laboratories throughout Quebec for several years, to provide them with services adapted to their needs that allow them to avoid risks, and to provide them with relevant information giving them a better view overall than the results of laboratory tests alone.


For the safety of your employees and to safeguard the existing infrastructures, call upon our services before coring, boring, excavating test pits or rehabilitation work.We have the skills, instruments and non-destructive techniques to locate private and public underground utilities outside and inside buildings, including non-metallic conduits such as plastic gasoline distribution pipes often used for service stations.

In the field, whichever is more advantageous, all underground utilities are located and marked, or only safe locations for drilling or excavating are marked on the ground.


GDi GÉORADAR-DÉTECTION is an expert in a wide range of techniques and technologies, including ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic locators, electromagnetic induction instruments (EMI), metal detectors and GPS survey technics.

These techniques and instruments allow us to:

  • Locate private and public underground utilities
  • Locate pipes in and under floor slabs (including sewer pipes)
  • Detect buried strate tanks
  • Locate septic tanks and septic fields
  • Detect and map barrels or any other buried metallic or non-metallic objects
  • Delineate and map fill types
  • Delineate the extent of contamination plumes
  • Detect and map underground cavities
  • Map bedrock profile
  • Map the water tables

We know how to meet your specific needs:

  • Fast service, even for distant deployments
  • Accurate on-site marking
  • Professional work
  • Competitive rates
  • Written report free of charge
  • Geophysical Services
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